How to hide/reoder trackbacks in "Recent Comments" widget on sidebar

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    Whenever I (cite with) link my post from another my post this trackback appears in in “Recent Comments” widget feed on sidebar

    First, I do not wish to appear that in my blog most feedback is by myself or by any trackback links.
    2nd, I am also very tolerant to spam comments as far as they are inside the topic but I do not want any links in Recent Comments.outsourcing the visitor outside of the blog.
    3d, I simply cite myself in my postsmore frequently than anybody comments yet

    “Recent Comments” creates1st impression of new visitors about blog.

    So far, I trashed my own (and others) trackbacks to remove them from “Recent Comments”,
    showing just 5 most recent ones.
    So, how can I hide or reorder “comments” and block trackbacks appearing in “Recent Comments” feed without trashing them?

    The blog I need help with is


    Just un-approve or delete those trackbacks in the dashboard.

    There is no way to block trackbacks from showing in the recent comments widget.

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