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How to host wordpress in another domain

  1. Hi , I have a very new blog and I want to host it on can I do it? Can you give me steps by steps instructions? Plus if I have to pay anything? how much? where by which method?

  2. Is the site going to be hosted here or on a server elsewhere? I'm not totally clear what your plans are.

  3. I meant to say when u type and open then, should open. Like u can see is wordpress blog but has been hosted in another domain. I am not technically so literate and sorry for a bit absurd question but I hope that u understood.

  4. OK, that makes sense.

    It's $10 a year payable via Paypal. You can purchase credits which are the same as cash at Dashboard -> Upgrades -> The Upper right of the page. Unfortunely the smallest amount of credits you can pick up is $15 but you can save those extra five for later.

    Once you get that, tell your registar or the person who is setting up for domain for you to use the wordpress nameservers. Those are,, and You need to get them to use all three.

    Once you've done that, take a look at Dashboard -> Options -> Domains and give that a read to get your domain setup on this end.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Okay Thank you for your help but it seems that this facility is not for poor person like me.:) Thank You.

  6. How long does it usually take for an account to be given the credits after doing the purchase on PayPal? It doesn't appear to be immediate...

  7. Somebody reported three days, but it's not supposed to take that long and usually it doesn't.

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