How to I access my site administration?

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    I can’t access the site administration. I set up a new blog and now have the two confused and can’t properly access either and would really like to get rid of the new blog and have the original function as before. I just don’t know how to do it.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Did you register another username account and register the new blog under it? Or did you register it under the same username account that the first blog is registered under?

    Clicking this link should display all your blogs registered under the same username, including the hidden ones:
    If you do not see the blog here then
    follow this guide >

    This is the log-in link for the blog linked to above:


    I have two different blognames, two different addresses. I am unsure , is the Blog Name the same as the username? I can’t figure out which username account the new blog is registered under. Idon’t know if the new blog is registered under the the same username account as the first bnlog or not and because the two blog names are so similar, one is” devonacresfarm “, which I think is the first, the original blog, and the other blog is “Devon Acres Farm” , and I think that this is the new one.


    You can’t have two blogs with the same name, that is not possible. They can’t both be devon acres farm. Your Username is devonacresfarm so i assume you have got confused somewhere about blog names and Usernames. Did you change the blog title on the blog itself (and not the blog URL)? Did you sign up for a new blog whilst you were logged in to the original blog? If you did then both blogs would be under the same Username. Dashboard>My Blogs.


    One blog is devonacresfarm, which is the same as the username, and the other blog is Devon Acres Farm. Yes, I am still somewhat confused about username and blog name. I am pretty sure that I did sign up for the new blog while still logged in to the original blog. The address for the one blog is also different from the other blog. Mostly my problem seems to be in accessing the original blog and for both blogs I am required to log in each time, the system does not remember my password even though that is requested each time. Thanks for your efforts thus far. I am still really confused about a lot of this but quite a bit less so than at the beginning.



    Will you please post both URLs.


    There are three URL’s involved: ,this being the original: which is the one that I posted this same message on and: which was the one that I was trying to set up when all went wrong for me. Thanks.



    Thanks for the URLs. I have flagged this thread for Staff assistance.



    Ok, just so we can get this down to the basics, is the blog that you can’t access?

    If so, try going directly to



    To update: the blog that I was not able to access was , however yesterday I was able to do so and since nearly a whole 24 hours has passed and each time I try I am able to get to the site and am able to work on it as I wish, I think that the problem has been resolved. I have no idea why the change just as I have no idea how this problem came about in the first place. Thanks very much to all who helped me with this problem, your efforts were so much appreciated. The other blogs also seem to have disappeared and that is just fine with me. — Robin.

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