How to I create sub pages? Writing to post all my writing samples for portfolio!

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    I’m trying to use Word Press to create a writer’s portfolio but that doesn’t seem possible. What I want is this kind of sample hierarchy:

    Writing Samples (Main Page- to be parallel with About Me Contact Me, etc. on list of contents.
    – Sub Page 1: Fundraising – Appeal Packages
    – Sub Page 2: Client: Tandem/CBE
    – Sub Page 3: Product: Appeal Package Feb ’10: Melissa’s Story (On this page, I would list all the components of this appeal package giving downloadable PDF links PLUS actual PDFs they can read on screen by using the nifty download PDF conversion site, Scribd which allows me to display my PDF writing samples directly on the blog

    I admit, I’m a complete neophyte when it comes to Word Press but if I can’t create subpages then WordPress won’t work for me…how else can I display all my work? (I DON”T want each and every writing sample (I have dozens and dozens) showing up as blog entries on the home page! (I did make my home page static…that much I figured out.)

    The blog I need help with is



    We need the link to the blog in question so we can probide accurate abswers. Please post the complete URL starting with http://



    Sorry, but my URL showed when I posted the question, so I assumed it also showed up on the forum.

    From my initial research (while waiting for help from this forum) it seems I can’t achieve this goal via vs. WordPress. org which is self-hosted and offers a lot more themes? Is this true?

    Some offered ways around this problem on but it seemed very complicated for a novice WP blogger. (I have a blog on Typepad that is a lot easier to figure out, though doesn’t have the variety of themes WP has>)

    I don’t why About Me disappeared but it seems to come and go depending upon what theme I’m trying out. (still haven’t decided). In one instance I actually had two page headers overlapping another! To fix that I had to delete the page and start all over again.

    Another thing I can’t figure out is how to use Custom Menu completely and the tutorial posted here is of little help as it doesn’t define its terms well enough for a neophyte whose only experience was Blogger.


    All you have to do is create a custom menu and then you can have subpages and a lot more control over the menus.

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