How to I report someone on my blog?

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    There is someone who is harrasing me and my friends on a blog, how do I report them?



    If it is criminal harassment, report it to the police. If it isn’t, there is nobody to report it to and you’ll have to deal with it yourself, either by coping with the person, changing the person, or banning the person from commenting.


    Harassment is a legal issue and wordpress cannot do anything about it.

    My suggestion is to go to settings > discussion and set your blog so that first time comments have to be moderated. Then on that same page, go down to the “comment moderation” section and in that big box, put the person’s email address, their username and their website address if they are including one, each of the preceding on a separate line and then click the “save change” button at the bottom. That way their comments will automatically be held for moderation.

    Setting things to where first time commenters have to be moderated means that if the person uses a different username and email address to get around your changed settings, they will not get through.


    Also, take a look at this blog post from blog herald on comment policies and put one together and publish it on a page on your site. If the person whines about censorship or about having their comments deleted, you can simply point to the comments policy and do not have to say anymore.



    ok thanks!!


    You’re welcome.



    there is some one who is saying there going to try to hack me or try to get my domain banned or somthing and well how do i report them


    I’m harassed almost daily on my blog and elsewhere. It’s blogging gold! Blog about it and yell back and get everyone else involved. I got banned from a forum and it turned into chaos on my blog for weeks.



    psbl that is hilarious! I love it. :))

    Do you have some good examples of this?



    How about picking a fight with the entire nation of Albania?


    johnlvs2run, comment on similar type blogs and forums. Then everyone knows everyone and will then visit and comment on the same similar type blogs and forums. It becomes one big dysfunctional family. So when anything scandalous happens, blog about it. What someone says on someone else’s blog or at a forum. Then they will see it on your blog and comment. Word gets out and then they visit you to see what everyone is saying about them and about everyone else.

    But you have to have the personality of busting people’s balls without fearing the consequences.

    Say things short of getting yourself sued. Last week I accused one of the biggest directors here of using his office as the casting couch. Only proof I had were the initials JM and he makes blockbusters. So I assumed it was one person. He finds out and comments on my blog. I then posted his comment and made it a new entry. The next day I get emails from everyone saying you dolt, you got the wrong JM and it’s this JM. So I made a public apology and he saw it and left a nice comment and we’re cool now. Now he knows who I am!



    psbl – thanks for the great suggestions. :)

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