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How to imbed specific posts into specific pages

  1. Hello guys, I am just a new kid on the blog. I have recently created my blog i.e, I dont want to arrange post into categories? I want specific post being posted on specific pages. For example I have a page called 'Features' and I have created 4 posts namely 'recent news', 'match analysis', 'fixtures' and 'results'.I want all these post too get posted on single page i.e, Features? I dont want to use categories since categories come to side bar. and pages tabs are at top the page.
    Please help me? There must be some way .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. a) Yes there is a way, and the way is post categories.
    b) Both the sidebar and the top menu can display or not display whatever you like.
    See here for more:

  3. Thanks for the response.I did got get all the tabs of the categories at the top once I created a menu. But There was no drop down. I mean when I creates subcategories in categories or sub pages in pages all the tabs were arranged horizontally at the top one after other.If you go through my blog i.e, then at present you can see there are drop down of subpages in Pages column. For example. If you place ur curser on 'Feautres page' u will get a dropdown of subpages i.e,' Fixtures', 'news' and 'results'. What i want a viewer to get directed to all the post related to the sub page 'news' if he clicks on it. Is it possible to link or embed all posts( related to news) to a specific page like news.?

  4. Please read the post I linked to more carefully: it includes the answers to your questions.
    In short:
    a) You don't "link or embed all posts( related to news) to a specific page like news", you file them under a News category or subcategory and create a menu that includes that category or subcategory.
    b) You create dropdowns as shown in this screenshot:

  5. Thanks alot for your help. My issue is resolved now.Since I am new to WordPress so it took a while for me understand these basic things properly.I want to create a website using WordPress. For that do i have to buy a separate domain name and transfer my blog's content to it.Could you help me in that regard and provide me some links? Is there any widget in WordPress through which I can avail royalty free images which doesn't have any copyrights to include and use in my website/blog?

  6. @ justpi. thanks alot for your support and guidance .Since my issue is resolved I am closing this issue. : )

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