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How to import a blogware blog to WordPress?

  1. The link to instructions for importing a blogware blog to WordPress is dead. Could somebody please re-post the instructions? I have tried three times to upload/import blog_export.xml.gz, with no success. Since blogware is about to close down permanently, the matter is rather urgent.

  2. We volunteers do not provide support by email. And unfortunately the format you posted your email address in ensures that spam bots will crawl it.

  3. Thank you for your courteous response, time thief.

  4. You can edit out the email address if you do so right away. We have a 10 editing window in the forum.

    I've been looking for instructions for blogware imports without much luck.
    "You may want to do though is visit one of the other WordPress Multiuser installs and check to see if they offer the Blogware importer. If so, you can import it there and export out a usable file. The importer is actually built into the software."
    wp-MU hosts

  5. @timethief-by those links I get the impression that at present there's no way to import a blogware blog export file directly into, correct?

  6. That's all I've been able to determine at this point. Also due to the current situation I don't want to burden staff with an email about this. If I were the blogger I would try to find another wp-mu platform that does blogware imports and use it to create an xml file.

  7. 'k. Thanks. I understand that staff is swamped elsewhere at the moment, but when things are back to normal, can you ask? (Just for my own education, what exactly is meant by wp-mu? Such a newbie still!) :)

  8. wp-MU = wordpress multiuser blogging platform :)

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