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    Hi everyone,
    Wonder if anyone can help?

    I have a basic (although quite arge) website that has 10’000 posts, with about 15’000 comments. Each page has 2 images on it.
    I’d like to bring the whole thing into (not .org) – can anyone suggest a simple way for me to get this into (including the images)

    Db structure is simple and I can generate a basic XML file using.NET or PHP, but not sure how WordPress will pull in the images?

    Posts table – post_id, post_title, post_body, image1, image2
    Comments table – comment_id, post_id, comment_title, comment_body, comment_date

    The blog I need help with is



    Wow, that’s huge! Congrats.

    These are the basic Import instructions, but with a file that huge you may encounter some difficulty which will require staff intervention. Try breaking it up into smaller chunks if you run into problems, and if that doesn’t work, contact staff.

    and the contact link: note that you will need to put in your address in the form.

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