How to Improve the WordPress Reader

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    My frustration with the WordPress Reader’s inadequacies and foibles has reached its upper end. Thus comes invention.

    I created this workaround to allow Reader users to import the feed of blogs they follow into the Feedly reader, in a 4/11/15 post that lists all of the features the WordPress Reader lacks:

    Eureka! I Found a Workaround for the Utterly Awful WordPress Reader

    For our readers: The user experience with the Reader is woefully inadequate in functionality, compared to many readers (take Feedly, for example). Add commonly used features such as categorizing, saving, bookmarking, sharing, sorting. Give users a choice of other displays: as lists and as columns of images with headlines. The current method of long scroll (the way it is now), is the least user-friendly, though it may be preferable on mobile.

    We users also need more robust control of how our posts appear across all devices when accessed via the Reader, whether via the WordPress app, or using the Reader within a browser.

    For the users: Give us more control over how our posts appear in the Reader. Allow us to dictate our choice of featured image, gallery, video or none at all, and allow us to choose our own written excerpt. Allow our MORE tags to indicate there’s more to read. Make our options and choices synced across all reading devices—laptops, iPads, iPhones—where the WordPress app is currently a different experience on each device.

    How about some input and thoughts from other bloggers? Please!

    Weigh in to make our concerns known to Automattic. Many of us (like me) are paying customers, and as any good business knows, listening to customers is paramount.

    The blog I need help with is

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