How to include “Add This” on blog

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    I’ve searched the forums to find an answer to this question, but haven’t had much luck.

    I would like to include an Add This button on my hosted blog. Could someone please share the instructions? Thank you!



    you can add the “Add This Button” by using “GetSocial” it’s very easy to use

    the newest version
    GetSocial 1.01

    and here is the article that talks about “Add This”
    GetSocial – Social Bookmarking for



    Thanks teck07. So do I understand correctly that any time I write a post I’ll need to manually insert the Add This button?



    yes but the get social program will do most of it for you all you have to do
    is click the open the get social program click the “Add This” paste the title
    of the post and the URL to the post pick you’re add this button click next copy
    to clip board go to the post click edit click the HTML button go to the bottom
    of the post paste the code and clcik save….

    P.S. I forgot to mention “GetSocial is only for window users….
    IF you download “Get Social” make sure to download V1.01
    theres been some tweaks done to the program because some
    of the themes were spacing the images but thats been fixed
    in V1.01…

    ~Teck~ =)



    You’re welcome marksalinas,
    I hope my knowledge has been helpful
    for you… =)


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