How to include music in a post

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    I would like to include an audio file in a post, so when people click on the “more” or when people open the file in an email, the music would start playing as they read the blog post.

    This is only a one-time thing so I don’t to include the song in the header or anything.

    I’ve already uploaded the audio file, I just don’t want to run it as a separate file. I want the song to start automatically in this particular post.



    I’d imagine this would take a level of coding freedom that is not possible on a blog.


    Is this the blog you are talking about ?

    If so I got this FAQ from typing “music” into the FAQ searchbox: and it will work in a post or a widget in the sidebar.


    The one thing I forgot to mention is that there is no “auto” play. They will have to click on the player to start the music.




    I read that, but I was wondering if there was a way to make it where the song would play automatically. I guess there isn’t.


    No there is not. With some of the audio plugins there are, but those are not available to us here at They are only available to those self-hosted and using the wordpress software downloaded from



    The sonific widget can be configured to autoplay, but it’s a sidebar widget and would always play, not just when they click on the More of that one particular post. It’s quite annoying.


    Music on blogs or websites in general is annoying.


    Hey there,

    I have a specific qwery about audio files. The player which wordpress uses is too wide to fit in the main bar on the Fjords theme which I am using (and like very much).

    Is there anyway to make the player smaller/ make the fjords theme bar wider?

    Thank you in advance from someone new to blogging

    Don’t be sad



    I see what you mean with the player open, it is a little “wider” than the theme. Since the player is set in the player itself with no access from us, all we can do is send a request to staff to make the first column of the theme about 20 pixels wider! :)



    Hey agian,

    Thank you trent for getting back to me. The player looks much more unsightly in Firebox compared to Internet explore (I use the former).

    Actually, the theme, fjords has similar issues in the other bars e.g. categories using a drop down menu with the post count doesn’t quite fit. I suppose it’s just a matter of being selective, but if you would kindly forward the request this 20 pixels to allow audio player to look better that would be an immense help.

    Should I just keep checking back here to find out the outcome?

    Thank you so much

    Don’t be sad

    PS: Here is a audio player for those that would like to see the problem:


    New to wordpress.

    I’ve been reading the forums, and I’ve converted my blog from Blogger over successfully. Now my only concern is getting my audio files brought over. Have people who use Firefox had problems loading music?



    No problems what-so-ever loading music. Using the audio player here at is really “browser” friendly!


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