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how to include services such as addthis?

  1. onlyperceptions

    i have my blog hosted in how do i add services such as addthis for each of the post?

  2. Do a search of the forums for "Social Bookmarking" and you'll find many solutions.

  3. Actually, there's now a very enlightening wp.COM FAQ available on this subject:

    This would not be added as a widget, but at the end of each post.

  4. Get social also has it were you can add the add this button...

    GetSocial - Social Bookmarking for

    1.02 is the current version
    Download HQ


  5. The FAQ entry is inaccurate. That won't work for pages with multiple posts/addthis buttons on. See ... jut alter the link and place on each post, doesn't have to be the side bar. That page also has a link to a page to install a bookmarklet for Firefox that will auto generate the right code.

  6. Note [add this] is more less only good for bookmarking or submitting your
    home page URL here at if your looking for something more down the
    line of having your posts submitted to like digg ect then Get social would
    be the route to go instead of [add this]

  7. Agreeing with Teck07 here. In spite of my enthusiastic (and premature) recommendation for "AddThis" I removed the "Add This" link from all my individual blog Posts because the link was borked after saving the Post. Highly recommend GetSocial for bookmarking individual Posts.

  8. @teck07, since I use a Mac the "GetSocial - Social Bookmarking for" won't work for me. I'll stick to the WordPress FAQ.

  9. @khurt-then use the method recommended by djbarney, because if you try to bookmark your individual Posts with the AddThis code left after the Write Editor gets done stripping out the javascript, it won't work correctly.

    Maybe drop the GetSocial DEV a note mentioning your interest in him developing a Mac version. Couldn't hurt.

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