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    Hi all,
    I’ve started blogging for over a week, though my blog was registered on September.

    How can I make my blog more popular?

    However perhaps more importantly (since the methods I can use to make my blog more popular have been mentioned a few times, though I welcome additional comments) in your experience what sort of time scale are we talking about?

    I have been blogging for almost every day now in the past week and it is something I cannot keep up, and when I don’t post my ratings naturally go down and I have no hits. If I wanted to get something like 5,000 or 10,000 hits on average how much time and what frequency of posting would it take? Of course I know it all depends…how long is a piece of string.

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback.




    Write good stuff. Posting regularly is good, but it still has to be something that other people want to read.

    Link to other blogs.

    Wherever you are on the internet, include a link to your blog. There isn’t one in this post, for instance.

    Comment on other blogs.

    Be patient.

    No one can tell you if, how, or when you will reach a certain level of readership.



    Also, search forums.


    5,000 – 10,000 hits a day is a lot for any blog. Don’t do this for hits or popularity. You’ll end up hating it and leave. Do it because you like it and like the topic you’re blogging about. Pick something you’re already familiar with or something new and different. No one thought putting captions of pictures of animals would be a hit for That was different and it became a hit. Just don’t drive yourself sick over it and be patient and be yourself.


    Good advice pornstarbabylon



    i agree.

    i write for self expression, never for the reason that I want to be popular. when you are driven by that certain force, there’s bound to be frustration on your part.


    I blog when I have some spare time in the day. I try to post something everyday. If I don’t, I don’t beat myself over it. It’s not my job. If I was paid to do this, that would be a whole other matter! I also only look at stats once a day. This way it won’t get me hooked on checking all the time and wondering why are the hits lower.


    I blog hoping others will read it, but knowing many won’t initially. My blog is almost my ownmake beloeve world. I imagine thousands are reading it even though it’s closer to tens! LOL! Blogging is fun, it’s a release from things for a while and it gives me a way to better myself. Yes, I too want many to read and find it attractive and interesting, but it’s not the ultimate reason for blogging for me.



    Blogging is nice in that akin to a diary it allows us the ability to indugle in self-expression, an outlet for our thoughts, a release but with the additional factor that many people from hundreds and thousands of miles away can read our material.

    Anybody who blogs solely for popularity is definitely being somewhat silly.

    However I do want to bring the best out of myself. For my own personal satisfaction I want to know that what I am writing is good, and how I can improve myself. One way of realizing this is visitors. The high number of hits is just an incidental by product of good quality writing and not the reverse.

    As for the 5-10,000 hits comment, I was referring in total, not per day. Getting 10 hits a day would be fantastic in my eyes.

    Thanks for your comments and the blog is



    Maybe you should start my linking your name to your blog, thats how many people find my blog



    I mean you should start BY (not my) linking your name to your blog



    Welcome to the blogging world Faatih, 5000-10000 hits a day is one lofty Goal to shoot for.

    When I started blogging in May 2007, I got only about 10-25 hits a day, but as other important blogs in my genre found my blog and started linking to it my daily hits went way up.

    Also certain website liked some of my writing and have posted links to those posts increasing my daily hits. So, now I get 2000-3100 hits a day, but I’m not a slave to the hit count, if I don’t have time to make a post for a few days I don’t worry about it.

    If the subject matter of your blog has Internet groups or feed aggregators you might want to make them aware of your blogs existence and maybe they help send you readers.



    Here you go here is a artilce I wrote up the other day
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    also you will find links to my other popular posts that are
    geared towards the same topic for example promoting your blog.

    How to discover your blogging voice

    Also here is a tutorial I wrote up that explains how to link your
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    How to link your name to your blog

    Forum Volunteer,



    funny just the same, aw1923

    For a good 6 months, I had the fortune to treat my blog like it was paying me because I had a part-time job that paid all the bills and then some. These kinds of gigs, as they go, don’t usually last long…anyways, I’m still very mindful of posting daily during the weekdays and of posting relevant, interesting content. As for the advice given towards the top, I link to many other blogs, sites, I always write an email to them telling them I’ve done it, I use my social networking presence to tell people about what I do and I have a business card for my blog.

    I still make no money from it and haven’t found a great way to do that but in 6 months, I’ve received 40,000 hits…mind you, that’s not unique visitors, but still satisfying nonetheless.

    Many people associate the word blog with diary or journal, both of which mine is not as I don’t write about myself, so in that sense, I always make sure to call it my website, not my blog. If you do enough of the word-of-email marketing telling people you’ve written about them or included their blog on yours, thats when you will begin to get picked up without even trying. Something I’m just starting to see, albeit slowly, on my site.

    Good luck! Hope I could help.



    Yep, you should do some funny posts. One of my post was cited by one of the bloggers on Comedy Central Daily Show blog. Or, you should do something that people want, like one of my blog posts was featured on ALF-CIO’s website. You should reach out to other sites, make sure you use unique and effective tags. Make sure you info is accurate. I was able to get my jesse jackson cutting balls offs :) post at the top of the google search engine, because I actually blogged about what he really said instead of some bloggers who used inaccurate quotes from jackson. Try to stay on top of the latest news, you will always benefit if your one of the few bloggers that blog about something that was just reported (I hope that sentence made sense, cause IDK)

    Use mybloglog, blog catalog, blogged, blogtoplist, feedburner, and theres just a whole host of sites that you can register with. And use, I dont use stumbleupon but someone put my site on there and Im still getting hits after 3 months so apparently stumbleupon is helpful. Definitely use, thats a great bookmarking site. And, make blogger friends with those who have related blogs. Sorry, if Im repeating what other said.



    1. Aw1923 and teck, thanks for the advice about linking my blog to my name. I’ve done it.

    Aw1923, thanks for the advice about those sites.

    2. animewriter, just to repeat :)

    I do not expect or want 5,000 hits a day. If I even got 10 hits a day every day I would be quite happy. Ideally after a few months or a year I would like to get minimum 5,000 hits that’s all. Primarily as evidence that I am writing something useful that people want to read.

    3. Tudobeleza thanks for sharing your experience. I have decided that quality takes priority over quantity and am just going to relax. I am going on vacation soon anyway.

    Thanks for all your help guys and I am going to start reading your blogs now. :)



    Your welcome!!! faatih, :)

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