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How to increase media file capacity

  1. Hi there,

    I'm looking to increase my media file capacity for free on the blog but I don't know how to. Can anyone help?
    Much appreciated,

    Kind Regards.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To increase the storage space you have available for photos or other media (including audio files and video, if you have the VideoPress upgrade), you can purchase the Space Upgrade:

  3. What is the real URL you need help with?

    The site to your name has been deleted, so no need of more space and is empty so again no need for more space. And is not a WordPress.COM site, so we can't help you with that, you need to get help at WordPress.ORG or your host, who I expect will charge you for the added storage space

  4. I tried the link first where I have been unsuccessful with increasing the media capacity and have been unable to contact my web host so therefore set this new one up (
    But my objective is to increase the media file capacity and preferably without paying.
    If you are able to help in any way, its much appreciated.

  5. Thanks for catching that, @auxclass.

    @ khanaziz18 if you are looking for a place to store images or other media files to hotlink elsewhere (such as on your site), is not a good solution for you, as we do not allow our sites to be used for that purpose.

    If your current hosting provider is not working out, you may wish to find a different one that will allow you to increase your file storage capacity at a minimal charge, or you might look at third party options that provide that kind of service.

  6. @jackiedana - you be welcome

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