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How to increase photo size appearance once already inserted in gallery?

  1. I want to increase the appearance of my photos i've inserted in my pages without having to re-upload them. Is there a way I can do this? Thanks for the help in advance...

  2. If you've inserted them as a gallery, they will be thumbnails until someone clicks on them; that's how the gallery feature works. If you've inserted them as individual photos and make them smaller than the file actually is, you can go in and edit the size by clicking on the mountain icon which appears on the picture and just changing the size to anything you want.

  3. Actually you CAN change the gallery size. Replace
    [gallery size="medium"]
    You may also have to change the number of images per row, in which case use
    [gallery size="medium" columns="2"]

  4. Really? I had no idea; thanks for that!

  5. Just what I was about to write, too! And it's very strange that the columns command doesn't work if you have a previous post with a gallery in the same page but the size command does.

  6. Yep, it's weird. That's why I noted it as a bug.

    @nwjohnson- the default behavior for photos uploaded and inserted into a post or page with the Gallery feature is to show three thumbnails in a row and when someone clicks on a thumbnail, a larger image opens in a special Attachment page. If the image you uploaded is very large, clicking again on the image in the Attachment will open the original size image. (great pics from South America by the way.)

  7. Hey guys,

    I'm having a problem as well. For some reason when I setup a gallery, the thumbnails link to small pictures... bigger than the thumbnails, but not by much. My gallery is here:

    I'm uploading are decently big, 912x684. Why and where along the line were they shrunk?

  8. btw, the gallery just above my first post looks and works beautifully. I want mine to work just like that. with a gallery thumbnail click to a medium size. and then click again for full size.

    Thanks again

  9. Would that not be the bug that Jennifer noted?

    I'll make that link a live one so it's easier to check out:

  10. I thought they were talking about gallery thumbnail size. I'm talking about the size of the photo that is linked to the gallery thumbnail.

    Ie, my gallery thumbnails are fine. But when i click them, I want to see a single bigger image. Then if I click that, i'd like to see it full size. I'm getting some sort of small/medium sizedish pic w/ the previous and next thumbnails displayed next to it.

  11. @raincoaster: The bug that Jennifer noted (actually first reported by Vivian) is that a gallery in a new post will adopt the number of columns of a previous post's gallery, if they are both on the same blog page (no matter how many columns you tell it to be).

    @danandp: Apparently your problem has to do with the theme you're using. I uploaded a gallery with large images in my test blog and tried it with several themes. Most of them behave as justjennifer says above, but Kubrick and Day Dream won't.

  12. @panaghiotisadam-you must have the patience of a saint. :) The problem with Kubrick and Day Dream is probably best reported to Support, I think.

    (It's not so much the fact that they are together on the same page, but that they are in SEPARATE POSTS on the same page. It doesn't make sense that one should affect the other. As I noted here it seems nonetheless that they do.)

  13. @justjennifer: More of a perversion, I'd say...

    Re which, let me also tell you that I tried all options, combinations and tricks I could think of - no way I could override the gallery columns bug.

  14. Guess I'd better go update the non-official Gallery FAQ...again! :/

  15. (PS @panaghiotisadam - obsession...obsession. ;) )

  16. Thanks guys, the theme was the problem. I switched to a new one and all is good.


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