How to increase search engine visibility?

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    Hello, I’m rather new to WP so if this has already been asked, please point me in the right direction.

    My question is, how can I increase search engine visibility for my blog? Let’s say I have a post about the controversy over the TSA body scanners, and I want people searching “TSA body scanners” on Google to come to my post. How can I help get my blog post high up on the rankings so it will show up on page one of the search results?


    The blog I need help with is



    Yesterday’s news – too late. That topic has been covered many times and the likelihood that you have a unique “hook”, and enough regular traffic flow on your site let alone the capacity to draw more and experience a viral post positioning is dim.

    There aren’t any shortcuts. Start learning basic white hat SEO (Search engine optimization) by reading authoritative resources like this one > Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide > is the most popular provider of SEO software. They have easy to use free tools and tutorials make search engine optimization accessible to everyone.
    Get Started with the Beginner’s Guide to SEO


    Thanks for the tips, I will check these out. My site is 100% satire so I would hope I do have a unique hook on the story!



    As long as everything is tagged “Unclassified” Andy Borowitz has nothing to worry about.


    thanks again Timethief for your tips, honestly I want to learn about SEO but I don’t know where to start and your post help me again :)

    Hi thread starter, you can put an image in your post and fill out title and other field in image menu, according my experience it works to get index on google,

    Hope it works for your site too :)


    Thanks alphadeangelo!



    @headlinesofmyutopia & alphadeagelo
    You’re welcome.

    What you really want is targeted traffic and that’s what SEO is all about. Targeted traffic is comprised of readers who know exactly what they are looking for. They look for keywords and search engine results are based on keywords found in their indexed content. Targeted readers are also looking for freshness as well as relevance and that’s what search engines are aimed to deliver.

    The first step for any blogger to take to establish a flow of targeted readers to their blog is learning and applying the use of basic SEO elements, so their posts and blog are actually accessible to potential readers, who use search engines. Provided you learn and apply the basics like using keywords and tags effectively and appropriately, you will receive targeted traffic from potential readers, who typed those same words and phrases into the search engines’ search boxes.

    The fact that targeted readers already have an interest in the content in your posts means they are likely to read more than one post, more likely to leave comments, and more likely to become regular readers/subscribers, vote your posts up on social networks (tweets & likes & diggs, etc.), and they more likely to recommend your blog to their friends.

    See this thread >


    Thank you so much for the links you provided, timethief. It seems that understanding and implementing SEO techniques is an ongoing effort, but one with great rewards. Your guidance is greatly appreciated.



    Thank you so much timethief, I too agree with you, SEOMOZ is a very good platform to learn latest things in SEO.


    I do have one doubt here, do we have to submit in search engines to make our site visibility?



    It helps to submit your site and verify it to a search engine but it is not required. Each time you make a Post WordPress calls up the search engines and says “I have a new Post stop by” The more Posts you make the more the search engines will pay attention to you. It can take a while for a new site to be indexed the first time.

    My main site is registered and verified but I have a couple of sites that I just goof off with and when I make a Post on the goof off site Google stops by and gets the content faster than I can copy the Post title and do a search on it.



    Do you have a Google webmasters account? Have you verified your blog ownership with the big search engines using the process provided for WordPress.COM bloggers? If not then I recommend doing so.
    There are 10 factors that may expedite the indexing process and you will find them in this post. >

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