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How to increase traffic for anime/manga blog (having serious trouble)

  1. I have an anime/manga blog and it's been exactly two and a half days since I started it but has very little views. Maybe I'm rushing into this but I've done, like, a hundred posts already (exaggeration, of course) and I've put tags (but not too many) and I've researched a lot about increasing traffic but nothing seems to be working.

    If you're interested in anime and manga, or if you're a hardcore fan (I know I am), please visit this:

    Thank you :) Please help

  2. Thanks! Checked the link you put on. Cool shoes! Must be comfortable. ^_^

  3. Moved to Showcase Forum…

  4. Thank you and sorry for the trouble. I'm new at this. :)

  5. @shanghaiotaku
    Hello there,
    Click these links as your question has been answered many times and there are many ideas you will find in the threads at the second link below:

  6. The Global Tag Listings at aggregate all published posts attached to any particular tag or category, and display our most popular topics. If something you are interested in is not included there, you can still access its global tag listing. Simply change the tag in the URL.

  7. I think you'll be alright but you want too much in too little time. There are a lot of manga/anime blogs already. I think that if you comment on some of those blogs people will notice you and you will be fine!

  8. It takes time to get noticed, two and a half days after all is not a very long time.

  9. Aww, you'll get more traffic soon! Consider advertising in anime forums. Either general forums or forums for specific shows (make sure the forum allows advertising, though!).
    Pass the link around to your friends, and hope that they tell their friends!
    Since you have a themed blog, it's easy to advertise. If you find a good forum to advertise on, I can even join there and help! Lovelovelove your blog! Good luck! o/

  10. Thanks! I've commented on other anime/manga blogs before but so many anime/manga blogs haven't been updated in years. where'd they go? warriorhope hasn't updated Bad Romance in nearly a year!

  11. i changed my URL by the way

    it's now

  12. Seen your blog. It looks pretty good, actually. although this is just my opinion, but I think it might increase your audience if you expand your range from shoujo manga to manga in general.(Mine's a shounen manga blog, and didn't get the hugest amount of views, but i'm content with just loyal readers.) I'm not suggesting that you add Shounen manga stuff into your blog, but adding seinen or other stuff isn't bad.

    note: your sailor moon review was interesting. :)

  13. Seinen is even further away from shojo than shonen is. ^^;
    Obviously narrowing the subject of "manga" to only "shojo" will lose potential readers, but a more specialized topic ensures a more "satisfied" readership, if that makes sense! (What I'm saying is that I love it as a pure-shojo blog, please don't change it! :'c)

  14. thanks :)

    i don't really want to expand my range from shoujo manga/anime to manga/anime in general because I'm not super psyched about the other genres. I'm okay with shounen, because i like detective conan and chobits but shoujo is always going to be main. i will talk about other genres as well though, thanks.

    i'm happy with a a few loyal readers as well, i just need more people for the competition i want to host. that's all :)

  15. well, that was just a recommendation, but as a shoujo blog, I think its kinda interesting as well, because i usually don't read shoujo. if you're not going to expand the range, then I suggest making your blog look really good! :)

  16. don't worry Lily, I'm definitely keeping a pure-shojo blog, I'm just going to include some one piece merchandise and some reviews on animes from other genres. but not manga. I ONLY ready shoujo manga.

    plus, anime of the week is not limited to shojo.

  17. haha, that's good enough. you know, your blog strangely reminds me of nodame cantabile(that anime/manga about a pianist or something. it was hilarious.) just saying. hope your blog becomes successful!

  18. can any of you recommend some topics for posts? something to do with animes or manga I've read/watched. i'm doing chobits for the next anime of the week. i always pick a random anime beforehand, watch it, then review it on friday.

    i only review finished manga. it has to be completed for me to review it. i think I'll start reviewing some Arinacchi mangas. :)

  19. thanks danna45! your blogs are really cool too. although the animes you like aren't really my type but i think it's a very good blog so keep updating!

  20. I'm kind of in the same position as you - just starting out, with a blog in a very certain aspect of sort of a niche topic. But I've built traffic to other projects before and I think will work much the same way... I'm already starting to see some views, which at this stage in the game is exciting to me.

    I always think of it as building blocks. Everyday I try to put on a small block. That could be commenting on another blog, participating in a discussion on a forum, ect. Then there are other "bigger blocks" you can put on somedays - if there's any one you can sort of collaborate with.. like in your case, if you could do an interview with someone who has a well known blog related to manga, or maybe an artist in a similar style? Use someone who already has somewhat of a following and will link to your article.

    Also, I don't believe in stiring up drama just for traffic, but if there is a topic related to your blog that people have strong feelings about, that you have a very decided opinion about, participating in debates about that on other blogs, or even on nonwordpress sites (if you are linking to your blog from your user name) can really give you a boost. People want to know about people who they feel are their allies in a debate or people who they vehemently disagree with.

    I know when I was doing a videogame related site, debating anything related to gender stereotypes in games or gaming would give me a boost if I participated in a debate on it. Because I happened to have a unique pov on the topic that didn't fall under either of the usual stances, and I could articulate it well.

    That's my two cents, its not the most expert advice, but that is what I have been doing that has helped me start building from the ground up.

  21. So eviebelin, is this one of your small blocks? ;P

    Thanks for your advice. I will try it. It's just that so many anime/manga bloggers haven't updated in years and I don't know where they're off to. Is there any good and frequently updated anime/manga blog (preferably shoujo or something I would know) that I can visit?


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