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    Hope you are all doing great out there. I started a new blog about motivation, writing, living in Italy, teaching English and family values. My blog is dedicated towards making our lives better. I recently wrote an article on how to get published a writer and I invite you to read it. I am extremely happy with the amount of hits I have received AND I am constantly looking for new ways to increase my traffic. My traffic has gone up to 350 hits in JUST three weeks. Do you think this is good? I think it is fantastic. I wish I knew a secret for getting 1000s of hits but I would be lying if I said I did.

    Since I am new, I was just wondering if you could give me your tips to increase traffic. I got my 350 hits by steadily working towards a goal. You’ll see the methods I used on my blog. By the way it reads from today on backwards. I’m not sure if I can reverse this order since it would make more sense!

    Thank you so much and have a nice day.

    The blog I need help with is



    This appears to be a duplicate. Click the “member” link under your username. There you will find every thread you have posted to on this forum.

    (1) Don’t play hide and seek with search engines. makes search engine verification easy. The easy to follow step by step instructions for registering and verufying your blog with Google, Yahoo and Bing can be found in the Support Documentation at the Webmaster Tools link.

    (2) Search engine optimization, is the strategy and process of increasing the amount of visitors to a site by making structural changes to the site and the content in it that result in the site ranking high in search engine results. The higher a site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that that site will be visited by a user who has been using a search engine to locate material of interest to them.

    (3) There are twenty five steps all bloggers can use to increase targeted traffic to their blogs. The steps are found in this post and you will find they are internally linked to tutorials In addition this post provides step by step blog promotion instructions



    I have just began my blog. I wish to promote the services that I can provide to many of my readers out there. I wish to know how the whole thing works here. I am very much alien to the concept of blogs and marketing it. Please tell me what should be done to increase traffic.



    I would like to throw in a bone here. Don’t be annoying. Most websites that I have looked at are all giving you advice on how to ‘increase traffic’, but to be honest, most of them would also get you branded as an annoying spammer.

    But other than that, and SEO, one of the best things that you can do is join the conversation. Comment on other people’s posts. Go to chat rooms and forums. Don’t directly plug your blog very often, rather, share opinions directly on the site, and link to other good things you found. Then, when you do share your blog, people are more apt to go to it.



    The Golden Rule of Networking is: Give before you expect to receive.

    If you want readers then become one – first. If you want comments on your own blog then comment, comment, comment on other blogs – first. If you want others to promote your blog posts throughout social media and social networks then promote their posts – first.


    Great advice “Timethief”.Must check your suggestions out.
    After all life is all about communicating with fellow humans
    on this planet.Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year to you
    God Bless….Princefreakasso


    Love that advice timethief its all true….same goes with music for me have to give it away to gain listeners


    great advice, figuring how where to start is the hard part…hate to have my blog fail or come off as lame…its al a work in process we all will get our blogs to where we want them. Kepp up the great work and thanks for ofering the advice and tips for all to use.



    You’re right … promoting your blog through social networking is an extension of blogging, and, as in life, what counts is clarity in communication.

    Have a joyful holiday season and a great new year too.



    It’s plain to see many who aren’t prepared give but who do expect to receive in every day life. They aren’t appreciated any better in social networks than they are in face to face situations. Successful bloggers do their homework, set realistic goals and achieve them by giving before they ask to receive.



    This is a as good a time as any to take a critical look at your blog is at and where you want t take it next. Researching where your blog is at and setting goals for the new year isn’t enough. What’s also needed is an action plan to achieve them and a feedback loop.
    How to become a better blogger: Goal Setting



    I have recently found “Possibly Related Post (automatically generated)” to help traffic quite significantly. It used to annoy me and I had it turned off for a long time.



    Now and then it brings me some traffic but not much and hardly ever.



    Thanks timethief, textcompany, princefreakasso, carlostn1, webmistress27 and shimworld for your invaluable advice and comments. I am ending my second month of blogging and what I’ve learnt so far is that the blog community is an extremely supportive one ready to offer quick advice.

    I’m now over 900 hits and I love it. I spend a lot of time looking at my stats feature trying to understand where my readers are coming from.

    I’ve learned that they come from all over the world and different backgrounds and ages. I couldn’t say what sites have worked best for me. I’d like to agree with timethief in that participating in comments and conversations helps a lot. Ever since I’ve had my blog, when I see a place to write my site name I submit it.

    I’d also like to stress the importance of writing good content. My highest ranked day was 64 hits when I wrote a piece about motivation.

    I think if you should write from the heart and write as if you were speaking to a few good friends. Always remember that the person reading this that is you now is a real person. Write about what you care about people are going to be supportive.

    Final thought. I have also made it a goal of mine to have a lot of hits so in my free time, I look read as many articles I can on the subject. I heard stumble upon works well but so far I haven’t had any hits from them. I don’t even like mentioning them because the owner of the company wrote me a letter saying I registered twice and he wanted to close my account. Trial and error. If you’d like to stumbleupon me to see if this works give me the thumbs up at this address.

    Good luck my blogger friends.



    I agree with @timethief, very good rule, GIVE without expecting receive.

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