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how to increase your blogs popularity?

  1. Hello everyone!

    I am new to blogging & i just wanted to know how to get fllowers or comments. I have tried tweeting & fb but nothing yet! hellllpppp lol

    than you xoxo

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Start here please > getting more traffic and also read Freshly Pressed
    Please click these links to forum threads > increasing traffic > tags

  3. thank you!!! I will try xx

  4. You're welcome. For the first 6 months we blog it's very hard to secure traffic and the threads I linked to above do contain helpful tips. I have flagged this thread so our Moderators move it to the Off Topic Forum where you can meet other bloggers. You can locate this thread and any others you create on the forums by clicking your username link at the top of the page. Welcome, millymccann19 | Log Out

  5. My blog is not showing up on wordpress, and I have all the settings for search engines and public.

  6. This is a common question that has been answered many times as forum searches reveal. We have no control over the speed at which Google and other search engines index your content. Sometimes it can take 4 - 6 weeks for the process to be completed. If you have no verified your blog ownership with the major search engines by using this process please do so now. There are 10 factors that may expedite the search engine indexing process that you may wish to be apprised of.

  7. Thank you!!! I will check all these out! So happy to have some followers now! :) x

  8. That's good news. Think positive, take all the right steps to attract readers, and be sure to answer every comment, and to visit the blogs of those who have subscribed to yours where you can comment on their posts. :)

  9. For some reason I do what google says to do to verify my page. It does not work.

  10. It says I need to put a meta tag in the <head> page. I have no idea how to do that.

  11. We cannot access the header files on free hosted blogs. There is a special process for blogs that you must follow every carefully. Th instructions are found here >

  12. I'll also note that millymccann19 has been blogging for only 2 days, and 153grover has been on for only 6 days.

    Please keep in mind that unless you are a very famous person, it will take time—weeks, months, even years—for you to develop a large readership.

    The best advice is to write interesting posts, consistently, so readers will be looking to you for new updates. If your posts are not "time-sensitive" but informative over the long term, be sure that you are providing accurate information and a way to search for it.

    Timethief has offered some good advice.

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