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How to increase your Height after 18+

  1. Don't give medical advice if you're not a doctor.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Lol I'm doing MBBS
    I'm in second year [half doctor you can say me:)]

    BTW I wrote this article after a thorough search from authentic sources.

  3. Given MBBS is a six year course, year two hardly qualifies you to be better than I as a mother of 6 at 56.

  4. Never do immoral acts??? Are you a med student or in bible class???

  5. Naturally this is all bollocks, you stop growing at 18 full stop and short of breaking your legs you remain that height. It is true that your muscles relax when your asleep and your actually taller in the morning but it's only temp as you return to your true height once the muscles in your body tighten.

    No pill helps you grow, you're an idiot if you think it does.

  6. @ardpete
    I know many other pills and products for increasing your height as advertised everywhere, but I know they are fake and a wastage of money.
    I'm telling you I personally used that pill and increase my height 2-3 inches even after 20+.
    Of coarse I'm not.
    But MBBS doesn't tell you anything about homeopathy. It was my grandfather who was an homeopathic doctor and he always recommend this to every short person willing to increase height.(with 80-90% success)
    Lol I'm not promoting my grandfather's work In fact he has died.

    BTW I added "any advice" in the end. Which means I'm not 100% perfect.

  7. I've committed plenty of immoral acts and I'm 6'4 (1.92m). I guess if I'd led a pure existence I would be close to 7 foot tall.

    I think you forgot to mention hanging upside down by your ankles - increases growth by 0.6mm per month.

    Did if ever occur to you that your growth spurt could have happened coincidently at the same time as you taking the pills, rather than the pills causing the growth?

  8. Hanging yes a good point.
    I don't think this to be happened with 90 out of 100 people that their growth provoked naturally exactly at the time while taking pills.

  9. But make sure you try hanging from the right end (ankles). The other end will give unfortunate side effects.

    Do you know 100 people who took the pill? Please provide a link to the published research.

  10. By the way, have you seen a specialist about your hand?

  11. By the way, have you seen a specialist about your hand?

    I did not get it. What are you saying?

  12. The photo next to your name.

  13. LoL that hand is not mine: )

  14. I know how not to decrease your height, if that counts. Simple, do not herniate a disc in your back and shrink a half inch. Besides the loss of height, it is quite painful! I know!

  15. If he died, how good can he possibly be?

  16. Yeah "Disc Herniation" commonly called disc slip is more painful than you can imagine Caused by some physical trauma or bending down while lifting heavy weight. It is not the right way to remove your disc for lowering your height.

    Disc: A flap of round tissues in your backbone to reduce friction.

  17. @Raincoaster
    This medicine was recommended by a great man "Mirza Tahir Ahmad" writter of the book "Homeopathy" not my grandfather.

  18. Still waiting for you to provide evidence...

  19. I smell a second year fail coming on...............

  20. @teamoyeniyi
    Oops! You must not talking about me. Ehh?


  21. A doctor told me when I was 10 years old that I would be 6'5, 6'3 at the least.

    I'm 5'9.

    Genetics and being tied to two horses are the only things that will make you grow. Or you could always buy a pair of lifts like Al Pacino.

  22. And I wish I could be 5' 9
    Me just 5'55.
    (quite more than the average height for females in Pakistan)

  23. It's really quite worrying that you seem content to overlook what you are presumably learning on your MMBS course, in favour of a pseudo-science.

    Here's counter evidence for you from Oxford University, no less:

    'We found insufficient evidence from these studies that homeopathy is clearly efficacious for any single clinical condition'.

    And here's another one, from research broadcast on the BBC:

    'It contradicts the known laws of physics, chemistry, and pharmacology; it is also dogmatic, relies on anecdotes rather than evidence, requires special pleading to explain its failures, and relies heavily on the magical thinking of both its proponents and its consumers.

    Many people use homeopathy because they believe it works; probably as a result of placebo effects or other confounding factors.'

  24. Take the advice from my Grandmother - don't eat bread. Baking powder biscuits and pancakes are OK -

    Grandpa ate bread at every meal, my uncle did not - Grandpa was short uncle was tall.

    Seemed simple to me.

    And if the above fails then hang upside down by your heels for a few hours a day.

  25. For a few hours? ehh.
    Hanging upside down for more than 15 minutes is dangerous.

  26. Bats are healthy and strong.

  27. Apparently yoga can be quite dangerous, especially if you do it with ego.

  28. Batman hangs upside down all the time. Nobody is cooler than Batman. NOBODY.

  29. Typing the search string "increase height after 18" into Google and clicking search did produced these results

  30. Genetics play only 25% role in it. My father was only 5 6 and my mother is just 5 4 and my brother is 6 1
    It is the consequence of the medicine. Once my brother had a minor polio attack when he was just 12 years old and doctors told my parents that he can not grow taller than that (hardly 5 ft). He used that medicine for an year and he is now 6 1.
    This is more than an evidence.
    @ Raincoaster
    Can we grow wings by hanging for 24 hours a day?

    (Can anyone tell me exactly how to write the feet and inches mathematically. I've forgotten Maths after entering medical field lol :) )

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