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How to inject ads automatically

  1. Just wanted to let the wordpress community know I wrote an article on how to easily and automatically monetize your blog, you can find it here:

  2. You cannot advertise on a free hosted blog and if you try to anyway your blog will be deleted.

    The forum for self hosting bloggers who have downloaded free software and who can advertise on their blogs is here ->

  3. You cannot monazite blogs:

  4. {waving to tt}

  5. This forum is not here for the purpose of advertising your blog posts so please stop doing that and misleading bloggers here who cannot advertise on their blogs.

  6. Well, this is more towards self-hosted blogs. Sorry, didnt realize this forum was only for people who host their wordpress blogs through wordpress.

  7. Your apology is accepted.

  8. Sticky post at the head of the forum -> and - the differences

    FAQs entry -> vs

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