How to insert 300 images(not as thumbnails)in one post?

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    I have 300+ images that I need to post as a single page. The gallery seems to make them as thumbnails, which are not what I’m looking for. I need the images as the original size (Note that the they are not high resolution images so their sizes are not too big to upload)

    Is there any way to do it?


    One by one I’m afraid, but I would like to discourage you from doing that. Believe it or not, but bulk of people are still on slower internet connections (under 1.5Mbps) which means that post would take days to load, even with highly optimized images. This just isn’t a good idea. I would never wait for that post to load, I would just go elsewhere.

    Secondly, the search engines consider page loading times and total page download size when calculating search engine ranking. That page, quite simply, would be completely missing from all search engines, or if they did list it, it would be down on page 1,976,540. Effectively buried and ignored.

    300 images, even if they are only 20k each, is over 6MB just in images.


    Oh and one other thing. Trying to load 300 images into a single post and then save it here is probably going to cause the wordpress servers to not finish the save since it would require a ton of transfer time from your computer to the wordpress servers, and require a boat load of processor time.



    Thanks for your input. Alright, I’ll just post them on Facebook then.. Lol


    You are welcome.

    You can post them here, but just don’t do it all in one post. I would probably limit it to 10 per post.

    You might very well have issues with Facebook as well. This isn’t only a wordpress issue, it would be an issue with any web host.

    Look around the internet and you might find sites that have 40 or 50 thumbnails on a page, but not 300, and certainly not 300 full-sized images. It just isn’t a good idea and would cause far more problems than you care to deal with.


    However, a more reasonable number of images can be uploaded all at once and can be inserted in full size as a gallery. After you upload them, you change the gallery shortcode to this (in the HTML editor):

    [gallery columns="1" size="full"]


    Why not get yourself a mobile me account and post them to the gallery on it.
    Then you can invite people to view your gallery.

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