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How to insert a Alexa Traffic Rank Button widget in sidebars

  1. Hello ,

    I tried to add a Alexa Traffic Rank Button widget into my blogs sidebars .
    We can generate the code from

    When i added it as a text widget in sidebar , the content of the code just disappeared after clicking on save button .
    Now the text widget become empty after saving ..

    Am i doing something wrong ...
    Please help me on this issue .
    Is there any other way to add an alexa widget .


    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are certain kinds of code that we can not use on Here is an example from alexa: SCRIPT type='text/javascript' language='JavaScript'
    If you try to use it, you will automatically loose it. It doesn't appear that they offer plain html buttons.

    If you wrote some code or pasted it in from another web site and then it disappeared after publishing the post, the code is likely being stripped out.

    This link lists which codes can be used, as well as types of code we can't use.

  3. Thanks for the help , 1tess .
    Alexa codes are not allowed on blogs .

    The problem is solved now .

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