How to insert a picture directly in a comment?

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    I did a bit of research to see if it was possible for people that add comments to a post to insert pictures without going through a picture hosting site (link that takes the visitor out to see picture). No luck! Can it be done? (whithin your allocated hosting space of course)

    The blog I need help with is


    Images cannot be inserted into comments. The code will be stripped out. What can happen if this is allowed is that someone puts in a really huge image and then it breaks your blog layout. That is one of the main reasons it is not allowed.


    MMmm. Any other way with WordPress to interact with visitors an allow them to use images? I can take care of the format if the layout screws up… If I can edit their picture size of course


    The code will be stripped out.

    There is no way around that.



    But there is an ‘img’ button when you edit a comment. When you click on it, ask for the source URL of the picture and the label. When you’re done, the code is added in the comment. But when you publish, the code is erased.
    My question is: If no image can be added to comments… why in the box to edit a comment exist a button to add an image? (!)



    It’s a mistake that the image button is there. The HTML code to display an image in a post will always be stripped out.



    Yeah. It should be removed from there to avoid misunderstandings about it.




    I canĀ“t find the way to download from clickr a “By:” photo and inserte it into my blog. How can I do this?




    Sorry, I meant to download from “Flick”


    Sorry, not familiar with Flickr, but if your images are stored at a known address:
    When you are in add new post or edit, click inside the text area for the post. Look for the icon that looks like a sun, as you are hovering over it, it says “Add Media”. Click that. Go to the From URL tab, type in URL, hit the button to insert.

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