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How to insert a table in a post or a page?

  1. Is it possible to insert a table in a post or a page? I need it to insert price lists into the website.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  2. What is the URL starting with http:// for the blog you want to create the HTML table on please?

  3. I am thinking of moving my static web site to An example of a table you can find in It does not have to look exactly the same. As long as I can organize some text into a basic table, I'd be happy.

  4. I don't need an example of an HTML table thanks. I know how to code one and I know where to get help if there is anything tricky about them. :)

    What I need to know is exactly what the URL of the blog so I know which theme is being referred to. Some themes have been upgraded to HTML 5 and CSS 3 and some have not.

  5. I don't know how to code a table or anything else for that matter. :) I brought that example just to show what I needed tables for.

    I have not started a website at yet. Before starting I am trying to make sure that I would be able to bring every page into wp site. So, I have no theme yet. I would do with (almost) any theme as long as it promises minimum hassle in the future.

  6. Hopefully justpi, a Volunteer, who is an inline CSS specialist will see this thread and respond to you.

  7. timethief, thank you for your time.

    It was not the answer I was hoping for. Tables is one of the very basic elements of websites. They've been around for so many years.

  8. Of course they are and who said they weren't?
    You could visit justpi's blog if you like

  9. You make the table in HTML and paste it into the Text editor.

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