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How to insert a Video ?

  1. Hello all!

    I´m an normal wordpress user

    First to say, i tried several hints to solve my problem but they did not help. Even the FAQ didn´t help me.

    So this ist my question.
    Is there a possibility of inserting a Video in my Posts on my WorpPress Blog ?

    I tried to use the "embed" code, but after entering it in the editor and saving it, it was erased. So, no video was shown.
    Maybe the embedding way is wrong or i don´t have to use the rich editor?

    I am using Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and Windows XP Pro SP2.

    Maybe you can also name me a free Video Hosting Service that is working with WordPress ?
    I can´t use Google Video, as it is not supported in Germany.
    I am a helpless new user to this media, so please be careful ;)

    Thank you for your attention,


  2. Um, what type of video are you trying to embed? Is it hosted off site? Are you trying to upload it to your site here at

  3. The blog is hosted here at

    I wanted to embed different kinds of small movies like .mov or .wmv.
    Trying to embed them failed.
    I didn´t try to upload them here but i hosted them at my free webspace (php not supported)

    Can i maybe use a free hosting service and insert them in my WP hosted Blog?


  4. The only embedded videos we are currently allowed is the YouTube ones. You can read how to do it here.

    For others like the *.mov's and *.wmv's like you mention, I would just suggest providing a link to the videos located elsewhere.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Oh yes, that helped :)
    When it works with YouTube videos, i host mine there and embed them then.

    Thank you very much,


  6. Well, I use something like this: I use a QuickTime player with an <EMBDED> tag, with some parameters. For example,

    <embed WIDTH="240" HEIGHT="144" CONTROLLER="TRUE" TARGET="myself" SRC="" type="video/quicktime" BGCOLOR="#000000" BORDER="0" PLUGINSPAGE=""></embed>

  7. Sorry, we strip <embed> tags here on for security reasons.

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