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how to insert images

  1. I have made 40 posts, inserting pictures and then making a comment , then inserting another picture. The format seems to have changed. I have inserted some pictures 3 times into the gallery today (never done this before!) and cant seem to get them on my page.

    Where has the "insert picture" button gone?
    What is the difference between the text and graphic tabs?

    Sorry, but I find wordpress very difficult and cant seem to find simple help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,sorry to hear you are having trouble.

    Here are the general instructions for adding images to posts.

    Each post has an "add media" button above the edit button, perhaps that's what you mean by the "insert picture" button?

    If you want multiple images to show up in a post as a slideshow or collage or grid of thumbnails, the "add gallery" option is good for that, if you want individual photos with captions or that you simply reference in your post, it's better to insert them individually.

    As for text and graphics tabs, do you mean text and visual? If so, text is the tab to chose if you want to view or manipulate the post's HTML directly. If you want to create your post in an environment more like a word processor, you use the visual tab.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Hi Lizthefair, thank you for replying.

    Sorry, yes I meant "insert media" - the button has gone!

    The gallery, well I try and drag and drop images to where it says, does nothing. I click on gallery and it lets me open images, but I don't know how to add comments, and if I click publish the site seems to lock up.

    Please help?

  4. Please read the link I posted.

  5. Raincoaster' s link is quite helpful. The way you are using to create posts makes it hard to include images right now, but you can still start posts via the dashboard and it works great. The link provided has all the deets, plus some conversation with the community about the change.

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