How to insert moving animation using HTML?

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    Hi tthere I have created a Simpsons avator which walks and I would like to insert it in my blog. I have a HTML code but when I insert it into a post in the HTML part and press save it compresses into just a code for the Simpsons logo so I take it the moving video doesnt work.. How can I do this? It’s neither a Google, Youtube, Vodpod or Daily Motion so is there some kind of extra HTML I have to add? Like <video= I dont know.. something to that effect?

    See here for an example of how I would like it to appear:




    Simple answer: No can do on It’s a Flash movie and Falsh is not allowed on


    Ahhhhhh i see… well I’ll just have to content myself with just the image then..

    Thanks for responding!!!


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    You could do a GIF animation.


    Oh really? Ooh.. I dont really know much about GIF and I’ve already published it.. but next time I’ll look into it – Thank you!


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    I didn’t either, but Google GIF animation. My experiment was done with Photoshop/Imageready. There is a youtube about how easy it is to do. That said, they are kind of annoying on a blog. I just wanted to see if I could do it…



    You should be able to find an online converter to make it a GIF, and that’s embeddable in a WP blog.

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