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How to Insert multiple images at once (NOT with gallery)

  1. I would like to insert multiple images at once (NOT with the gallery option), so I can upload a bunch of photos an quickly have them insert it in the post. Is there a way to acomplish this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have your tried following the instructions for uploading images into your Media Library using Media > Add New ?

  3. You can upload multiple images, but unless you use the gallery shortcode (with its new carousel) then the images have to be inserted one by one.

  4. Thanks for answering.

    This is the post that i'm trying to modify:

    I have another few pictures that i would like to add, but adding them one by one it's taking a lot time.... I would like to select a set of pictures already uploaded to my library and add them all at once.

  5. Not possible. The way the image tool is designed, you have to select alignment, size, link etc options for each image. There's no way to bulk select those options.

    Why don't you want the gallery feature? It allows uploading and inserting all the images at once, they can be full-size (if that's the reason why you think you shouldn't use the feature), and you get a slideshow as well if you click on an image.

  6. @Panos,

    It's a "carousel" even though it does look like a slideshow. But yours is a good point: the images could be displayed full sized in the post.

  7. Is there any way to show full size images in gallery? I mean not to show them in a carousel view. If we upload multiple images one by one not as a gallery, they will still be shown as carousel?
    In short can I get rid of it by any mean?

  8. @itspak1 - no.

    Right now the only way to avoid the Carousel is to not use the Gallery feature.

    If you upload multiple images at one time and insert them one-by-one and not as a Gallery, the images will display one-by-one and you won't get the Carousel.

  9. @Panos,

    The way the image tool is designed, you have to select alignment, size, link etc options for each image. There's no way to bulk select those options.

    Is the Add Media thingie not remembering your last choice anymore?

  10. Thanks it seems I'll have to spend 2 hours to upload a 2 minute post.
    Ahh! Chuwal Feature.

  11. @itspak1: You can't avoid the carousel slideshow if you click on the images. But you can display full-size gallery images on the post, by changing the gallery shortcode in the HTML editor. You turn this (which gives three columns of thumbnails):
    to this:
    [gallery columns="1" size="full"]

    @Jen: The thingie remembers, but the question was if you can insert several independent images at once. You cannot set those options for several images at once - or bypass the options popup so that the 'memorized' ones will apply.

  12. @panaghiotisadam: THANKS!!!!!!!!, changing the size to full solved my problem. I mean, it looks really similar to uploading images one-by-one, it's faster, and images can be seen in Carousel, wich i like. For those interested in how it looks, check it out here. I'm currently modifying some stuff, but it' will be there.

    Two more questions:
    1 - is there a way to reduce the margin (or the padding) between images?
    2 - can i choose not to show the featured image on the gallery? i like to crop the pictures before, and i always end up with 2 images repeated.

  13. You're welcome.

    1. Possible only with individually inserted images, not with gallery images - except if you have the paid Custom Design upgrade.

    2. Yes - two ways.
    a) If you upload all the images via the Add Media button of the post, you can exclude the cropped image from showing by changing the shortcode to this:
    [gallery columns="1" size="full" exclude="ID"]
    Replace ID with the actual id number of the image. But to find the number you have to leave the post editor, go to Media > Library, hover over the image name or thumbnail and check the progress/status bar of your browser (or click Edit and check the address bar of the browser), then back to the post to type the number. So I would prefer:
    b) Upload the cropped image via Media > Add New, then upload the large size images via the Add Media button of the post, then set the cropped one as your featured image.

  14. Thanks again, I used the method b for uploading the featured image and worked great.
    Would you mind to explain me a little bit more about the margins thing, in case i keep uploading images via the Add Media button?

  15. Thanks Panos. Good idea it is.

  16. This thread is showing 16 posts but the last poster is endycool not me. This also happened on another thread. I thought it to be a cache problem but after clearing cache it's still here.
    Have anyone else noticed this?

  17. You mean individual images no upgrade or gallery images plus upgrade?

  18. sorry, i mean individual images no upgrade.

  19. Visual editor - click on image, click edit icon, click Advanced Settings, type 0 in the "Horizontal Space" field, click Update.
    HTML editor (faster) - change these:
    <img ETC ETC ETC
    <img style="margin:none;" ETC ETC ETC

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