How to insert PDF and formatted Word files

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    Anybody know how to insert formatted Word 2003-2007 documents or PDF files??


    PDF, word files and such cannot be displayed in your blog. WordPress does not have interpreters to do that. What you will get is a link to the file which allows people to view PDF’s (if they have a PDF viewer installed) or download the files to their computer where they can then view them (if they have the appropriate program).

    To make a link in a page or a post to the file, upload the file, and then before clicking “insert into post” make sure and click the “file URL” button.


    How do I do this if I have a PDF file on my computer? The site it is from requires a log in and I can’t link directly to it. (It is a public document, BTW).

    I have uploaded this PDF in images, and tried to insert it into a post, but all I get is the file name, no hot link or any way for readers to download.

    Sorry if this is an elementary question – I am entirely new to this. Thanks.



    Make sure to click the File URL or Post URL button before you click the Insert into Post button. Once you’ve done this, your choice will be remembered for next time. See this screenshot:


    Thank you very much for the post. It is very helpful. Cheers.



    I also found this useful, thank you!

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