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How to insert rel="nofollow" into the links?

  1. How to insert rel="nofollow" into the links?

    Thanks in advance for the help

  2. All blogs have no-follow comments.

  3. timethief, thank you for stopping by.

    I'd like to insert no-follow in some of the links in my own posts. For example, I am not sure for how long the targeted page will exist. Pages disappear quite often from business sites. So, one day my site would be punished by Google for a broken link .. unless that link has no-follow included.

  4. <a href="link here" rel="nofollow">text here</a>

  5. It appears the easiest for me way to do it is to create a link the usual way, then switch to the text window and insert rel="nofollow". I thought WP does not allow modifying HTML.

    Does it matter where I insert rel="nofollow" - before or after target="_blank"? Examples are below.

  6. Hmmm,

    Looks like the examples were disallowed in my previous post.

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