How to insert TAB at beginning of a paragraph

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    I am quite new to blogging. I promise I have spent the past 4 days going thru the WordPress tutorials and Help files first. Then I searched the 24/7 Support. Then I searched this Forum site. I used every form of “inserting a tab to a paragraph” as I could think of to search on. My theme is Ocean Mist if that makes a difference.

    Is it not feasible to indent the first line of a paragraph in a WordPress post or page? I’ve also tried cut/paste, import from MS Word, and import from Google Blogger, but the tabs are always stripped out by WordPress. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance, Deb & Dakota

    The blog I need help with is


    First off, go to settings > writing and select to have wordpress automatically correct invalid nested XHTML and click save.

    Without the CSS upgrade, you will have to do it by adding some inline CSS to each post. Write your entire article and when it is the way you want it and you are about to publish, switch to the HTML tab in the editor and create a blank line at the top and put this in it.

    <div style="text-indent: 20px;">

    Then scroll down to the very bottom of your article and make a new line below everything and put the ending div tag.


    You can adjust the 20px value as you wish.



    Bless you SacredPath! That was *exactly* what I was looking for! It worked beautifully on my post, and I can’t wait to apply it to my pages. And it had no impact on the picture that was in the post. This is a code that I am writing down, as I will be using it A LOT!!

    To further my education, I have 2 questions: What please does the “20px” value refer to? Is that the effect of how far in the line is indented? And secondly is there a tutorial somewhere for newbies like me to get started learning this HTML code stuff? I don’t need the hard core programming knowledge, but could use basics like formatting so I don’t have to be a bother to peeps like you.

    Thank you again for helping me – now I will try to figure out how to mark this as “Resolved”.
    Deb & Dakota


    The 20px is the indent value. If you increase that dimension, the text will start farther to the right. If you decrease it, farther to the left.

    There are lots of tutorials online for both HTML and CSS, and you might also want to take a look at Panos’ site as he has a lot of very useful code.

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