How to insert text popup boxes into my posts?

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    In order to keep posts brief I would like to insert some explanatory text on popups. i.e. I don’t want to link text to another page but have a middle size/small text/image popup box that viewers can read at will (or not). Ideally not that they need to click but the popup would appear when placing the mouse cursor onto the highlighted/linked text. How do I do this?



    As far as I’m aware, you can’t do it at You can make a link to something and use Alt text on the link but that’s limited to a few words. It does cut off at a certain point.


    Basically, I would like to use something that works like mShots, but where I can insert text and images, instead of an external link.



    I know. There’s nothing that functions like that here. You could do it on an externally hosted site, but not here at as far as I know.


    Hmmmmm. Shame.


    ACTUALLY, I found a way: Empty link with a title. It does take a lot of text. Then the title becomes a tooltip. (Another word for what I wanted).


    You can improve it this way:
    <a style="cursor:help;" title="POPUP TEXT HERE">POSTED_TEXT_HERE</a>



    I stand corrected: I learn something new every day. The alt text used to cut off at the first punctuation mark.



    Agreed – bookmarked!



    Thanks! :-)



    I just used this. Slick!


    Can u be a bit more detailed please? Have tried a few things with an empty link – can’t seem to make it work. Thanks :)



    Could you be more detailed about what you’ve tried? Please post the code here between backticks, so it displays properly. Backtick, all the code, backtick.



    @Panos-An excellent refinement to the title text workaround I was using. Bookmarked!


    actually tried it again- and it just worked like a dream!! thanks :)))


    @jennifer: excellent refinement first suggested by devblog, not me.

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