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How to install a plugin?

  1. I can only find how to install them with another version (i guess) from wordpress. Mine is blue at the top and I don't have an option "plugins" at my dashboard?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't, because you have a WordPress.COM site. Plugins are only for a WordPress.ORG site.

    Tell us specifically what you want to accomplish (eg improve SEO, add a mailing list subscription form, etc) and we can tell you how to do it on without plugins.

  3. I would like to have a related post section, which says "you may also like". ^^ And, thank you!

  4. Related Posts are built in - enable it - Dashboard >> Settings - in one of the sub sections - try Reading or Writing sections

  5. re: "you may also like".
    auxclass has already pointed out that the software will provide 3 related posts from your own content.

    If you also want to have related posts from other blogs with similar content in their posts you can install he Zemanta browser extension

  6. On a related note, how do I install a plug in so I can get a copyright footer on every page/post?

  7. Hi pamela984,
    If you want FTP access and to install plugins or third party themes into a site then you will have to hire a web host and set up your own install.

    There is no FTP access and no blogger installed plugin capability on any free hosted blogs.

    See here for a full comparison vs.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase here that provides FTP access and the ability to install plugins and or any third party themes.

    Re: get a copyright footer on every page/post?
    Most of us simply place a copyright notice in a text widget in our sidebar.

    To have the text appear in the footer on every posts and page will require a custom design upgrade. See here for details on purchasing the annually renewable custom and CSS editing:
    Custom design - Frequently Asked Questions

  8. Please read the thread you just posted in. You cannot install plugins on a blog.

  9. copyright footer on every page/post?

    See help from @TT above - or if you want it inside the Post or Page - just make a Post template and copy the one line of code required for the notice

  10. I have a copyright page. I also have a text widget with a link to my copyright page in it. In addition to discourage content thieves I insert this into every post following my 55 word teaser and read more tag:
    © 2007 – 2014 All Rights Reserved - Any content reblogged from one cool site must adhere to the terms of © Copyright

  11. Timethief do you have to insert it manually in every post? Since I generally use my phone/iPad, I was hoping to have it be something I could set up and forget about. I have the text widget with copyright info on my blog itself, just looking for individual pages to contain it.

    Page Template? Sorry I'm so dumb about this, but how do I do that?

  12. I copy and paste my copyright notice into each post to prevent content theft and/or to link back to my site when content is stolen form it. You do not have to do this. Copyright is automatically vested in every creator and no notice is required at all.

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