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    If I had downloaded a theme for

    Can I install it on my blog???

    Please HELP!!



    Is that posible??



    nobody answer :S



    It isn’t possible unless you get [paid] hosting for your blog.

    edit: Corrected reply. Hope you don’t mind. Technically, this is hosting for your blog here at – drmike


    On, you can only use the themes provided through the Presentation tab on your blog.

    If you download the wordpress software from, upload it to your hosted domain, and install it, then you can use any theme you please.



    Not to be snarky or anything… But.

    Does anyone make an attempt to hit the “theme tag” at the top of the page or scroll through the entries before posting a question?



    Does anyone make an attempt to hit the “theme tag” at the top of the page or scroll through the entries before posting a question?

    One of the reasons I want to do the sticky FAQ list.

    …and include a link to the FAQ blog as well.

    …and a link to the search page. I do not like how BBpress hides it. (Sorry, but I don’t. It should be on the home page)



    It’s not BBPress that hides it, it’s those that created this version of css for it.

    And thanks for the sticky you added. It should help the inexperianced and those that spend too much time here (with a smile) answering the same questions over and over.



    Well… I have read the sticky… I understand now

    Ok Thanks for all

    PD: There is any theme customizable to be more dark?? PLEASE


    Hemingway IS dark. None of them are customizable to any degree.



    Hemingway IS dark.

    It wouldn’t be that bad if the text was a pure white instead of the offwhite that it uses. It’s not sharp against the background.




    Using yahoo briefcase, by hosting the whole theme there, can I apply it to my blog?

    Thank you.



    No. The only themes you can use on are the ones in the Presentation panel. Period.



    ravendizain, no as that would require you to modify your theme and we don’t have the access to do so. We are also only able to use the themes that are listed within your dashboard. It wouldn’t work either as most themes include some sort of php script within that and that requires to be run from the box your site sits on. (You can get around that actually but that’s a very advanced topic.)


    No. The only themes you can use on are the ones in the Presentation panel. Period.

    Man that stinks. You can’t even go into the .css file and alter it. Hell, even blogger on blogspot lets you go into the template and edit it…

    So much for the wordpress account. I’m going back to blogspot.


    See ya songsoftrinity!

    Seriously, though…it doesn’t seem like people really read up on WP before checking it out. I was a blogger user for over a year, and while I appreciate the fact blogger allows the user to edit his/her template, the ease-of-use and sleek presentation of every user’s admin feature here at WP brought me over.

    Maybe this comment should go in the Kudos thread, but I’ll make a list of things that have changed here at WP in the month since I joined up:

    • Import
      • Probably most important to me as I was moving from blogger to WP. But…
      • WP offered import 2 months after going live. I waited around for it because the keymasters and admins said it woud show up.
      • Guess what? It did.
    • Themes
      • Since WP went live, several themes have been added.
      • The themes are updated so often there’s even a “Theme Friday” one can count on in the News Page.
      • Several have been requested and several have become available.
    • Next Blog
      • For some reason, this feature was requested. But guess what? It showed up.
      • At blogger, this button pretty much led me to porn and spam sites, and rarely toward anything very interesting.
      • It’s here, and it’s only taken a few weeks (and I’ll probably use it more often here, as part of the reason WP changes come slow have to do with weeding out spam and porn).

    So, to people like songsoftrinity, I say this: chill…relax…wait for a while. Being able to alter your code might not show up for a while. It might not show up at all, but if you’re patient and kind and don’t harp on the higher-ups, your request (by the way, a request should usually contain the word “please”) might just be answered.

    Give ’em time. is just a baby.



    I like that…
    I’m also convinced of the amazing improvements of and experiences in just few weeks show me we can lean on them.
    So I’d say, keep on requesting, be patient, then they’ll hear you.

    BTW, the easiest thing can do is to allow .CSS overwrite. Maybe just a link for an external CSS file that can overwrite the current theme’s .CSS
    So at least we get more personal (on header and background thing) while still sticking on the themes proposed by WP.



    I would have to agree with hery. Could this be heard as a feature request? I’d love to have CSS editing! :)



    I’d love to have CSS editing!

    There’s two issues with CSS editing.

    1 – It’s a security issue. ’nuff said.

    2 – Remember that we do not all have our own themes on our sites. They’re coming from one central location on the servers. We share them. My wordpress install package contains over 50 themes and the sucker is huge as I push it out to all clients when they ask for an install. It’s a serious space waster. (And in their docs, I point it out to them with an explaination on how to delete themes that they don’t want. :) )

    edit: I can’t spell…


    Member is great because it allows anyone to get in there and write a blog. I certainly don’t want to mess around with setting up a website, getting WordPress software installed and the database configured and so on and so forth.

    For no money at all, you get a free blog, which provides more than enough functionality for most people, and a decent selection of blog templates. If you’re more of a serious blogger who needs more control, perhaps you should just consider getting third party paid hosting, that way you’ll have complete control over everything?

    Just my two penneth worth!!!

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