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How to install Canvas plug-in?

  1. I have a blog hosted on ( I wanted to install a plug-in from a third party (Canvas;

    The instruction says:
    Step 3: Upload the Canvas folder

    To install Canvas, simply drop the entire Canvas folder into your WordPress plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/) and activate the plugin from your Plugins page within the WordPress administration panel.
    I am not self-hosting wordpress (which I started using just yesterday)... so plz tell me:

    1. Is it allowed to install third-party plug-in?
    2. How do I access the plug-in directory, where is it?
    3. If my blog is hosted on, how can I get an external theme if I dont have servers of my own?

    I am very new to wordpress - please help!

  2. I would say to read the FAQ at the top of the forum, unfortunately it's not mentioned.

    It is mentioned on the FAQ blog though:

    I know that being a new user you probably haven't heard of the FAQ, it's a useful reference available at

    Unfortunately you can't upload your own plugins or themes while using blogs.

    Hope this helps


  3. flyhighkites - please don't post more then once :)

  4. Sorry Podz, the post was stuck while being sent.

    Well, I just had a feeling that it wasn't allowed because otherwise one'd be able to see a plug-ins section.... Don't have to explain the rest because I seem to be one of the many naive ones who are too used to template editing in other blogging services. (Nuisance!)
    Anyway, CANVAS ( seems cool - and I just sent feedback suggesting a CANVAS partnership. This might resolve the needs of template-modifiers without having to look at Code.


  5. Cornell, yeah it is. :)

    How do I add my favorite WordPress plug in or theme?

  6. When I went to the FAQ thread i did a search (CTRL+F in IE) and searched for plugin. Obviously it didn't reveal anything due to the space in the title of the word!

    Nice one :)

  7. Good catch. I fixed it.


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