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How to install plug in see visitor log in from different country ?

  1. Hi All

    can provide me link on howv to install the above plug in ?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. blogs do not have plugins. We cannot use javascript on blogs as the software strips out the code to preserve security. You can use either the HTML version of feejit or the clutsrmaps HTML code.
    See >

  3. Sorry about the typo above "" was meant to be ""

  4. @TT , After reading your doc , I am 80% sucessful need 20% help, as you mention in your doc :-

    Step 2: Copy the code into your site HTML or into a text widget.

    Can you pls advise me how to the above step ?.


  5. Click on the link she gave you; the instructions are there. They will give you some code; you just put it into a text widget, which you can get on your Widgets page.

    1. Sign up at clustrmaps at the link provided;
    2. Copy the ‘ClustrMaps HTML’ provided;
    3. Log in to your account;
    4. > Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
    5. Drag a Text Widget out of the Available Widgets box and drop it into the
    6. Sidebar box.
    7. Click the Text Widget to open it.
    8. Paste the ‘ClustrMaps HTML’ code that you copied into the large text
    9. area, of the Text widget

    10. Click "Save"
    11. Click "Close".

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