How to install swf files on WP ?

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    I have some sample e-learning pieces that are processed as .swf files. They’re interactive so I intend that viewers will interact with the files too.

    I would like to embed these files in my WP pages. So far, I can’t see how WP will accept files in the .swf format.

    Guidance welcome from you experts!


    The blog I need help with is


    Flash is unsafe and presents serious security vulnerabilities, therefore .swf files cannot be used here.



    thanks notawoodpecker …. nice blog by the way.

    What is the preferred multumedia file format for WP?



    Flash files can be inserted, if they are hosted somewhere online.

    No multimedia file can be directly uploaded and displayed. WP accepts uploading PPT files, but cannot display them directly in a post, it can only display a link to the file. To actually display such a file in a post, you’d have to upload it to Scribd or Issuu first.

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