How to install theme for my blog?

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    I have one blog with wordpress and i wanted to change the default theme to lifestlye.Please can i anyone help me the procedure of doing that,Many thanks

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can access the available themes on your dashboard:
    Appearance—>Themes—>in the search box on the right type in Lifestyle—>
    purchase—>and a screen will come up to allow you to purchase Lifestyle via credit card or pay pal.



    You can not upload theme of your own in wordpress, you’ll have to chose one of those 160 themes.
    If you want to change the theme.
    Go to Appearance>themes and select whichever the theme you want and activate it.


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    ~~Hi iphonist1~~
    Lifestyle is one of the themes available for it is one of the premium themes so the original poster can pay for it and use it here.



    Thanks tess.
    Yet I would have to refresh it first. I took part here only coz I didn’t find any volunteer with a lot of questions.



    It’s normal to wait for as long as 24 hours or even longer to get an answer to a question posted to a blogging support forum. The average wait time ranges form 12 – 24 hours. Here at we have a substantial number of experienced Volunteers so the wait time is not as long as it is other other blogging support forums. Please do not worry about threads that do not have answers. The experienced Volunteers or Staff will respond to them when they can.


    Hello. Does the “preview” button allow you to see what your blog would look like if you changed it without your followers seeing it too?

    I’d like to try out a new theme, but don’t want to have my current theme impacted at all while I’m trying on something new. Is this possible?



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    You can preview any theme you like without your readers seeing it.
    Sometimes your header or widgets might not appear in the preview, but it will allow you to get an over all feeling for another theme.
    Reader will see the new theme when you activate it so be careful which button you press!

    One suggestion is to open a new blog for testing, and keep it private so only you can view it while you experiment as much as you like.


    A GREAT IDEA! Many thanks for this helpful information! Y’all rock.



    Here’s how to create a “mirror” blog for testing purposes > scroll down to “Every blogger needs a test blog



    “You can not upload theme of your own in wordpress, you’ll have to chose one of those 160 themes.”

    Are you serious????
    That sucks, I just bought a theme….. So either the purchase was for nothing, or I have to transfer the whole website to new host handling with tons of technical stuff :( ?



    I’m so sorry you were not clear on the differences between free hosted blogs and installs. They are stated here >



    I just bought a theme

    Did you purchase the theme from > Dashboard > Store?
    If so then you have purchased a premium theme that’s specifically coded to run on software. If you purchased it from anywhere lese then it will only run on software.



    If you buy something, presumably you can return it and get your money back.

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