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How to Integrate google buzz in my blog

  1. mashafilonova1

    I wondered how to integrate google buzz in my blog (see mashable article here: and it brought me to a wider question - how to integrate anything in my blog???
    In tutorial video on youtube ( a guy has "plugin" section in his wordpress blog management page, I don't have this section.

    So to make a long story short - how to add these cute buttons "buzz it", "twitter it" etc into my wordpress blog???

    Thanks everyone!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can post a Google Buzz button if that's what you are asking you can find one here

    However, if you want a blog with FTP access so you can upload plugins and themes, and have embedds, iframes, flash, javascript ... yada yada... yada then you already know you are in the wrong place because those do not exist here at and the sticky post at the head of this forum makes that clear.

    So if that's your inclination then your needs will be best served by hiring a web host and downloading free software from for self hosting.

  3. You also mentioned twitter. Here's the support documentation link for you in case you decide to stay

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