how to integrate my blog with my web page?

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    I try to display on my web page my last post from blog. Searching the web i found how to integrate a wordpress blog from my domain ( wordpress installed on my server – my_domain/blog/ ) but i wish to integrate on my page. Any idea how to do this.
    Thank you very much

    The blog I need help with is


    Member blogs cannot be embedded into websites. WordPress.ORG installs can be embedded into websites. blogs have RSS feeds. This is your wordpress.COM blog’s feed URL and you can post that link on your website if you wish.

    You can also create a static page and use this “trick” to link directly to your blog in the iNove theme to your website



    You can parse the RSS feed, but I’m assuming that you don’t have sufficient programming knowledge to do this if you have to ask.



    Thank you all for your answers. I will try to parse RSS feed.


    The other possibility is to domain map your blog here to a subdomain on your main site. I’m virtually certain this will work and will not mess up your main site. You can verify that with staff here if you want at .



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)



    Another possibility would be to display you blog in an iframe, though you would get the whole blog page not just the first post.


    @chrissqq, iframes are problematic with wordpress.COM blogs from what I have heard. I’ve never tried it myself, but that is what I’ve heard. Sometimes it can mess up the dashboard stuff from what I remember.

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