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How to join header and page in Digg 3 Column?

  1. I am currently working on my Digg 3 Column's CSS and saw another that had the header joined with the page. I know this other blog has the same theme as I do and was wondering if anyone knew how I could do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you considered asking the blogger in question if they would like to share their CSS stylesheet with you? I'm asking because it's likely to be more expedient than waiting for a volunteer to, in essence, do this for you on the forum.

  3. It's also possible that the blogger in question did post to this forum for assistance with the same thing. IMHO using the forum searchbox may turn up exactly what you need or not. But it's worth the effort to try, right?

  4. I have asked the blogger before about a font he used and he never spoke a word to me about it saying it was "his trade secret." From some comments on his site he has not told any other curious people about his codes or editing. I have been looking throught the forums as well and so far have not seen anything yet.

  5. Well we have only 2 volunteers you choose to spend their valuable time giving free CSS advice and neither one is online at this time. So I'm afraid you will be playing the waiting game. G'night

  6. No problem. Good night, and thanks for your help.

  7. Alright, I think I figured out how to join the header image. One problem, I want the image to join and to delete, if I can, the box/ container- I guess- around it. So far, no such luck. Any suggestions?

  8. aan10,

    For starters, you should read this:

    It explains why is a bad idea to copy the whole CSS in the CSS editor.

  9. I have read that already and did not copy the whole CSS, I am editing the stylesheet.

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