How to join to an affiliate program?

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    My recent .com site not allowed to link to an affiliate network. I can see ads on some .com sites in WordPress. How does it work?
    Using an affiliate program should I switch to an other hosting site? What is the solution?
    How would it influence the look and the traffic of my site?

    The blog I need help with is


    Member generally does not allow affiliate marketing. If you want affiliate marketing as an integral part of your blog, you need to buy hosting and use software from


    Thank you for your answer.
    It is necessary to use I would like a site with .com. Should I go to other hosting service to keep the .com domain? If so, how does it influence my traffic and website building structure? Can I get continuously visitors from WP after I change the hosting company?



    A .com domain and are two completely separate things. is a web host. IF you have a website here you cannnot do affiliate marketing. If you get hosting elsewhere, you are bound by that host’s terms. Most paid hosts do allow affiliate marketing. You will lose SEO by moving off If you use software from WordPress.ORG on your new site, it will work much like your blog here. Your new blog will not be a part of the WordPress.COM community, because it will no longer be hosted here and thus not a part of the tag pages, reader, Freshly Pressed, etc.

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