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How to join WP translation Team?

  1. Could anyone please tell me how to join WP translation Team?

    Which account should I use for log-in?

    I've tried to login with WP account. but nothing happen.. no error.. it just redirect to homepage..

  2. I logged in with my regular wordpress ID. Try it again, then send feedback if you still can't get in.

  3. It should be as judyb12 says.
    There is also discussion on the mailing list:

  4. okay. it works fine. now
    the language that I would like to translate is not the list.
    So, What can I do about it? Should I send a feedback to WP??

  5. I would join and post to the mailing list.
    There many be others who would like to help.

  6. Okay. Thanks a lot. Mark.

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