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How to justify texts?

  1. moleculasinestables

    First of all, sorry for my poor english level (i'm spanish). Well...I wanted to know how to justify texts, in order to see left and right margins adjusted.

    Thank you very much!

  2. press alt+B
    then you will see additional editing icons
    press hte justify icon
    That's all!

  3. Alt+J

  4. thistimethisspace

    It's icon 16 that you need to click in the visual rich text editor to get the extra toolbar. Then it's "c" that you need to use. It's illustrated here

  5. Hi, my "extra options"-button (button 16 in the link above) seems to be missing:

    Any ideas?

  6. Hi there,
    Which browser and version of it are you using please?

  7. timethief: Firefox I also tried IE, same problem. If there's an easy way to put a little block of code somewhere then that would be fine with me, as long as it works :)

  8. ok
    i was able to figure it out by stealing the codes off the people who had justified text on their blog

    use this format

    <br />
    <p STYLE="text-align: justify">Type Ur Text Here :-P<code></p>
  9. you can use Windows Live Writer or ScribeFire as external editor to Justify your text but I myself look for this option inside wordpress toolbar.

  10. Hey! I found it!!
    Just push Extra Tool bar icon in your wordpress editor and it will show you many things including JUSTIFY!
    It is the 16th button in editor or even you can use ALT+SHIFT+v

  11. That's exactly correct. It's icon "c" on the advanced toolbar, which is icon 16 just as TTTS said above

  12. @alirezayami
    The option for marking this thread "resolved" is in your original post.

  13. urgenteplaten does not have a blog hosted on, and that's why s/he has a different list of icons than we do here. Support for independent WordPress blogs is available from

  14. @raincoaster
    Good catch! And I haven't even sipped any eggnog yet. ;)

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