How to keep a post always as the first one?

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    I would like to have one post always come up first while the others are listed below it in date order. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!




    I don’t think you can make a “post” sticky with the others below it here at, but you have an option of creating a “page” with that posts information and having it at the top by going to the Admin => Options => Reading and choosing your page as the front page post. FAQ on this topic for your reference.




    Not with what we have here. Closest thing we can do is make a Page be static as the front. Do a search for ‘static’ or ‘sticky’ for the previous threads on the subject. It was covered earlier today.




    Thanks everyone. I was afraid that would be the case. I did try the static page, but wasn’t happy with the look. Thank you all again!




    Depending on how long you want it to show up first…you could just modify the timestamp so it always comes first. Each time you make a new post just re-modify the timestamp of this “top spot post” so it comes after the new post. It’s a little tedious but the only option I know of if you don’t like the static page idea.


    Trying to create an ‘entre’ to the blog with a Static Page (set under Options – Reading) didn’t work for me either. I wanted my blog’s “home page” (1st page) to be a static page, with the blog (feed) posts under a separate tab. I tried setting my ‘front page’ to be a static page (like ‘Motive” or “About Me”), but then my blog posts are invisible. Instead, the ‘home’ tab presents the static page (ie “Motive”) and the Motive page is also there, unchanged (so now I have 2, with different tab titles). Is there a way to set it up so that there is a static first (or home) page, and then a tab linking to the blog (all on the same blog site)?


    OOps, I did the classic newbie thing! I’ve resolved (part) of my question above (re: setting front page & posts).

    FYI: in the Dashboard, under ‘Options’ you can select ‘Reading’. From reading, you”ll have options for how you want the front page to display.

    The options are:
    “the front page diplays:
    a] “Your latest posts”

    b] A static page (select below)
    i] Front page:
    ii] Posts page:

    If you select [b], you can then use the drop down box to choose which of the pages you’ve already made, will become your Front page, and which will become your Posts (ie the blog feed).

    There are still propblems: the Front page works fine, but in the theme [I’m using Andreas09], the page selected as front, still appears x 2: once under it’s own label, once as the newly created ‘Home” tab.

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