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How to keep line-spacing together? post my MP3?

  1. Hi, my questions are:

    WordPress imposed an extra line space each time I click the ENTER key. I'd have found it user-friendly to dispense with that.

    Is there no way to toggle that feature OFF, so that I can have control over line spacing? It causes my article to look messy and not put together.

    For example, see the lyrics at the very bottom of the blog. How can I get all the lines to stay together, instead of separated from each other?

    My second question:

    I have an amateur MP3 in my personal files, corresponding to above-mentioned lyrics. Is there a way to get the MP3 somehow posted on my blog?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can avoid the double spacing by holding down the Shift key when you hit Enter.

  3. Raincoaster, thanks so much for your tip which enabled me to clean up shop. (I didn't realize the shift-enter works in WP similar to when I use the Arachnophilia editor)

    As a followup Q:

    From the link you referred to, which of these is the simpler option:

    the SoundCloud option?
    Or the one advising:
    ...Upload an .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav file somewhere on the internet and link to it using our audio shortcode

    My problem with the latter, is I've nowhere on the Net to upload audio to. I don't want YouTube, as it has become too intrusive, forcing people to link with gmail, asking for mobile, etc. I don't even post on YouTube anymore, due to google's intrusiveness.

  4. Use Fileden to host the mp3. I hear it works well and is free.

  5. Thanks again! i'll check it out.

  6. OK, here's what I did.

    I typed in:

    [audio ]

    before the lyrics at the end of the blog, but it doesn't seem to be working.

  7. Just to clarify:
    The song uploaded fine to FileDen
    And while i'm logged in to FileDen, the song plays fine.

    But if I log out, then the link to the song fails to play.
    And it also does not play from within my blog (see my above post)

  8. Make sure the isn't a "live" link, ie blue and clickable.

  9. That link won't work: it's a Cx URL, not a Fileden URL.

  10. justpi, yeah, I had realized that after i made the above post.

    Somehow, I started out in FileDen (where registration glitched. I.E. it displayed an Error message, while at the same time displaying registration textboxes toward registering for the site.

    So since, for some reason, FileDen registration kept glitching, my song resides in

    I'm totally confused now. Is my song supposed to have been uploaded to FileDen, or should it work via cx as well?

    BTW, here's what happened. As soon as I had registered for FileDen (including choosing to activate the 10gb of CX space) it displayed:

    500 - Internal Server Error.
    There seems to be a problem loading this page. An error report has been sent to our development team.

  11. P.S. No it's not a live link within the WordPress Editor.
    Rather, the text is black, and does not turn into a link-pointer when hovering.

    Does it have something to do with CX having turned the uploaded file into a https file (rather than http)? Is that why it's not playing, except within CX itself, and only when logged in?

  12. CX does not allow hotlinking. Fileden does. That's the problem.

  13. It's not playing because the Cx URL will work only for logged in users of Cx.
    If you had problems with Fileden, try Kiwi6.
    What browser (and version) did you use when you tried to register for Fileden?

  14. It's funny you mention Kiwi6, because you took the words out of my mouth!

    After spending hours trying out a zillion hosts, I was finally successful with Kiwi6, the very last one listed on a filehosting site.
    If Kiwi6 would not have worked, I was planning to go back to tindeck which worked only by linking up to their site, and was messy. Tindeck did not work in conjunction with embedded arrow on the blog itself.

    At this point, can I embed a JPG into the blog, to accompany the MP3?

  15. Well.. i found the answer to my latest tangential question about embedding JPG,

    ..i.e. the Add-Media feature during editing one's blog enables insertion of JPG from one's files to the cursor-area. (which means you don't have to create a FLICKR account the way I did, prior to finding the info re: Add-Media. i guess that wraps it up.

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