How to keep my sidebar stuff if I change theme

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    I’m interested in changing from Tarski to Misty, but when I experimented by selecting Misty, I lost some of my sidebar things (photo, search, top clicks, etc). Do they have to be rebuilt? Should I leave well enough alone? Thanks!



    Some will have to be rebuilt. That goes for all widgets that require customization: text widgets, rss widgets, etc. Basically anything that asked for your input before showing up will need to be rebuilt.

    As for the others: when you switch themes, you get a basic theme layout, with the bare minimum of widgets. For Search, etc, just go to Presentation — > Sidebar widgets and drag them into the sidebar. Note, too, that not all templates support widgets! But that one does, I believe.



    Go ahead and change. No data is ever lost when changing themes. You may have to position widgets again because they revert to default position but that’s all.



    Really? I thought I recalled having to reconfigure the text widgets. Oh, I know what it was: I switched to a theme that didn’t support widgets and they got stripped out.

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