How to know a theme has been modified?

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    I am wondering, because myself and others have submitted suggestions regarding the Monotone Theme, and am wondering in general… how does a user know if a change or addition has been made to a theme?




    Does anyone know is there is a way to know if/when changes have been made to a given theme (one you’re using?)



    What sorts of changes? Changes are usually obvious.



    Here is a link that might be helpful to you… =)
    Monotone Theme Questions


    Staff themes are rarely changed once they have been launched, because we don’t want to change the appearance of existing blogs or break custom CSS layouts.

    We do make changes from time to time but they are usually limited to bug fixes and shouldn’t affect the normal appearance of the theme.

    The last change to the Monotone theme was in May 13. There were a few bug fixes leading up to that date but they were minor.

    If you have a Subversion client you can review the changes yourself here:


    I was told by others in the forums, that if you had suggestions for modifications for a theme (in this case the Monotone Theme) that those suggestions should be sent to Support.

    But now I am wondering what the point then is of making these suggestions if as tellyworth states, ‘themes are really changed once they have been launched’.

    The suggestions I had made, I was told were added to a “suggestion list” that was looked at “on a regular basis”.

    Most of the changes I had mentioned, were those that did not alter the look of the theme, so is it possible they could be implemented. Is there a page where updates to themes is made note of?



    I don’t believe there’s a specific web page that lists those changes, but if you run a Subversion client such as Tortoise SVN you can get precise details of each and every change made by pointing it at that URL.

    If you send your suggestions to support we’ll certainly consider them.


    Alright, thanks for the info tellyworth. Unfrotunately I don’t know how to run subversion clients (or what they are really). I will continue to play around with the theme as-is. I know what my suggestions are, so if they’re even implemented, I’m bound to find out while playing around.

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