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How to know if pageview is legitimate or from spam/bot

  1. Hi, recently I've been blogging about my travels in Brunei. About two weeks back there were two unique visitors, one from Canada and one of Brunei whose individual pageviews were about 50+ each. All of their views were on the home page.

    However, WordPress Stats did not list down any spam URL in the referrer section. All the referrers I got were legit, being from Google search and what not.

    This seems to be happening again today, with a unique visitor from Brunei giving 10+ views solely on the homepage. I find this behaviour very odd for a human reader. There's no sharp increase in spam comments as of now.

    How do I know:
    1) my pageviews are legit if there aren't any spam referrer URLs? Or does the lack thereof mean that the pageviews are real?
    2) how to determine if the pageviews are coming from a bot?
    3) Is there a recommended third party stat tracker to check what's really going on?

    Thanks a bunch.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone??

  3. 1) The lack of spam referrers means that actual humans saw the post. Whether they are paid spammers or not is something is unable to determine.

    2) bot hits are not listed in stats.

    3) no, but there are several you can use.

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